The battle for Node.js security has only begun

The founder of the Node Security Project says Node.js still has common vulnerabilities, but progress has been made to make it more secure Appearing at the recent Node Community Convention in San Francisco, project founder Adam Baldwin, chief security officer at Web consulting company &yet, emphasized risks, protections, and progress Baldwin sees four risks within […]


LinkedIn Designs Own 100G Data Center Switch

Following examples set by other web-scale data center operators, companies like Google and Facebook, the infrastructure engineering team behind the professional social network LinkedIn has designed its own data center networking switch to replace networking technology supplied by the major vendors, saying the off-the-shelf products were inadequate for the company’s needs LinkedIn has successfully tested […]


Cloud Underwater? Microsoft Tests Submarine Data Center

Continuing its long tradition of data center experimentation in the name of efficiency, Microsoft announced it has been testing an unusual new data center concept: placing servers underwater out in the ocean Close to half of today’s society lives near large bodies of water, and since physical distance creates the ultimate speed limit for transferring […]


Oracle hops on the bandwagon to dump Java browser plug-in

Browser vendors are moving away from plug-ins. Now Oracle is encouraging developers to migrate Java Applets to the plug-in free Java Web Start technology With browser plug-ins going the way of the dinosaur, Oracle plans to deprecate its Java browser plug-in in Java Development Kit 9, which is due in March 2017. The technology will […]


Why we must stand with Microsoft on data privacy

The U.S. government dangerously seeks access to cloud data anywhere. There’s a better way that business should support instead A decision appears imminent in the battle between Microsoft and the U.S. government over access to customer email held on servers in an Ireland data center that Microsoft refuses to turn over to the feds in […]


Walmart open-sources OneOps to free you from cloud lock-in

The platform is now available on GitHub under an Apache 2.0 license Back in October Walmart made a pledge to combat vendor lock-in to the cloud by open-sourcing its OneOps technology, and on Tuesday it made good on that promise OneOps is now available on GitHub under an Apache 2.0 license, offering continuous app-lifecycle management […]